We’re all aware that Snapchat assigns a snap score to each user’s account depending on the amount of activity they engage in on the platform. Although it might be entertaining to see one’s high Snapchat score, when you’re in a relationship, things can get tricky.

If you’re wondering why your boyfriend’s Snapchat score keeps rising despite his claims that he doesn’t use the app, keep in mind that he might not be snap chatting with other females behind your back.

Because of the way Snapchat’s algorithm works, it’s likely that his Snapchat score will improve by a few points now and then. When a user sees and sends snapsβ€”and uploads a snap to his or her storyβ€”he or she earns points.

Yes, there is a cliche that says you should never trust someone with a high Snapchat score.

So, what if your boyfriend’s Snapchat score continues to rise over time? What exactly does that imply? Is he being unfaithful to you? Even though he maintains he doesn’t send snaps to anyone, have you seen a rise in his snap score? What could he possibly be up to? Let’s have a look.

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What is the Snapchat score? How does it keep going up?

So, before you can comprehend why your boyfriend’s Snapchat score is increasing, you must first grasp what this score is.

β€œYour Snapchat score is calculated by a super-secret, unique algorithm that includes the number of Snaps you’ve sent and received, the Stories you’ve shared, and a handful other factors,” according to the Snapchat official website.

So, barring other conditions, a person’s Snapchat score rises.

  • If he or she sends a snap to someone,
  • reads the photos he/she has received
  • If they share their stories.

Although it is uncertain how many points are awarded for each item, metro.co.uk stated that everyone earns one point for sending a snap. Similarly, if a person opens a received snap, he or she earns a point. It was also discovered throughout the evaluation process that everyone earns a point for adding a snap to their narrative.

However, there was no decrease in points for merely chatting on Snapchat or watching other people’s stories. Another thing that many Snapchat users discovered was that they were given a bonus point when they sent their first snap after being inactive for a few days or so.

So, we’ve seen how Snapchat scoring works in practice. What about your guy, though? What may be the real cause for your boyfriend’s increasing Snapchat score? What could he possibly be up to? Let’s look at some real-world reasons why your boyfriend’s Snapchat score keeps rising.

Reasons why you boyfriend’s snapchat score keeps going up

He might be maintaining streaks

He might be maintaining streaks

Snapchat is one of the most rapidly expanding social networks, particularly among the younger population. We’ve all met that individual who spends too much time on Instagram/Facebook and publishes everything. Similarly, some people use Snapchat excessively and send lots and tonnes of snaps every day.

So, if your partner is a dedicated Snapchat user, you may notice his Snapchat score increasing on a daily basis. Most likely, he has a tendency of mass snapping and is thus sending mass snaps (of all his odd photos) to individuals he likes. He may even be in the game of “STREAKS” at times, sending blank snaps only to maintain his streaks growing longer and longer.

His friends might send him so many snaps

We’ve already addressed how some people send out bulk Snapchat messages to their pals. But what if your partner isn’t prone to mass snapping? Is there still a chance that his Snapchat score may increase?

Yes, your boyfriend’s Snapchat score may still rise if he has a pal who has a tendency of mass photographing everything. Thus, even if your boyfriend has a handful of pals who have the tendency of mass snapping, his score will most likely grow day after day simply by watching those snaps.

He might post stories that exclude you in particular

As we know, there is an option on Snapchat particularly to prevent anyone from reading your stories. Anyway, if it excludes you and posts regular tales particularly, then his score might grow higher and higher while you couldn’t look at his stories or even discover no pictures on the end of him.

He could be cheating:

At last, if the Snapchat scoring of your lover increases by more than 100 each day, then more will definitely happen. Of course, your spouse can’t be judged by Snapchat, but it plainly reveals that your pal continually sends and takes photos from somebody else.

So, who is sending more than 100 snaps without any particular interest to someone? This is why many women often have worries about the Snapchat score of their partner growing every day in hundreds. In the higher sense, you have to reassess your thinking and have confidence in him and your connection, if your friend’s Snapchat score only increases in tiny numbers.


If you use the chat feature on Snapchat to message your friends, your score will increase as you send and receive messages.

Using Lenses and Filters:

Using Snapchat’s lenses and filters can also increase your score. Each time you use a lens or filter, your score will go up by one point.


Streaks are a feature on Snapchat where you and a friend have snapped each other back and forth for consecutive days. The longer the streak, the higher your Snapchat score will go up.