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Welcome to the Legal section of! Here we aim to provide helpful information and advice about the legal issues that can arise in dating and romantic relationships.

No matter your age, location, or relationship status – dating and romance can sometimes cross into legally murky territory. From topics like age of consent laws, to issues around marriage and divorce, there are many legal matters that affect relationships. Our goal with this section is to help explain and demystify some of these legal aspects so you can feel more informed and empowered in your dating life.

We’ll be posting articles covering a wide range of legal relationship questions. Some examples of topics we plan to address include:

– Age of consent laws – What ages you can legally date, consent to intimacy, etc. based on your state or country. We’ll summarize these important laws.

– Marriage laws – The legal requirements for getting married and how they vary in different regions. Plus an overview of what rights and responsibilities marriage confers.

– Divorce and separation – Breaking down divorce laws and the divorce process. Looking at topics like alimony, child support, custody agreements, division of assets, and more.

– Online dating issues – What to watch out for legally when dating online. We’ll look at topics like privacy, fraud, interactions with minors, and sharing intimate images.

– Cohabitation agreements – Explaining if and when these legal agreements between unmarried couples living together may be beneficial.

No matter what your legal relationship issue or question, check back here frequently as we’ll continue to grow this resource. Please also don’t hesitate to contact us if there are any specific legal topics you would like to see covered. We hope you find this new section helpful!