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Welcome to WhereWeDate, a blog dedicated to helping people navigate the complex world of dating and relationships. We are always looking for fresh perspectives and insightful voices to contribute to our growing community. If you have a passion for dating and relationship topics and want to share your knowledge and experiences with others, we would love to hear from you.

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Write for Us: Dating Blog Guest Blogging Guidelines

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At WhereWeDate, we welcome guest posts on a variety of dating and relationship topics, from first date tips to navigating long-term relationships. To ensure that your post aligns with our blog’s theme and style, please consider the following guidelines:

Unique Content:

We are looking for original, high-quality content that has not been previously published on other blogs or websites. We do not accept any spun, plagiarized, or spammy content.

Relevant Topics: Our blog focuses on dating and relationships. So, we accept only those topics that are relevant to our niche. However, we are open to exploring different subtopics within the broader category.

Quality Writing:

We expect all guest posts to be well-written, error-free, and engaging. Please proofread your content and ensure that it is easy to read, and that it follows a logical structure.

Length of the article:

We expect the guest post to be at least 1000 words long. The longer, the better.

Tone and Style:

Our blog has a conversational, friendly tone. Please keep this in mind when writing your post. Also, avoid using jargon, slang or any offensive language.

Include keywords:

Please include the following keywords in your article “write for us dating blog, guest blogging, guest post in relationship and dating blog”. However, ensure that you use these keywords only where they fit naturally in the text.

Add visual content:

We encourage guest bloggers to add relevant images or videos that can enhance the overall presentation of the post.

Submitting Your Guest Post

If you are interested in writing for us, please send us an email at [insert email address]. Please include a brief introduction about yourself and your blog, along with your proposed topic and an outline of your post. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to our community of dating and relationship enthusiasts. Happy writing!