Overview of Laws Allowing Cousin Marriage in DenmarkIn Denmark, marriage between biological first cousins is legal and permitted under Danish marriage law. Here is an examination of Denmark’s laws and societal attitudes concerning cousin unions.

Danish Marriage Law Allows Cousins to Wed

According to the Danish Marriage Act, marriage is permitted between biological first cousins without any prohibitions or limitations imposed. There are no regulations barring first cousin unions.

This allowance extends to double first cousins as well, who share both sets of grandparents rather than just one. Despite being genetically similar to half-siblings, double first cousins may legally marry in Denmark.

No Special Rules or Requirements

Danish first cousins can marry under the standard marriage regulations in the country. There are no extra requirements like genetic testing, medical screenings, or proving infertility that are imposed on cousin couples specifically.

Cousins have the same rights and go through the same marriage application process as non-related couples seeking to wed under Danish law. Cousin marriage is not restricted.

Prevailing Cultural Views on Cousin Marriage

However, despite permissive laws, views on cousin marriage remain mixed across Danish society. Surveys show younger generations are more accepting, but many still have reservations.

Concerns around potential birth defects and incest taboos persist. But supporters argue bans are unwarranted infringements on personal freedom around marriage choices.

Rationale Behind Denmark’s Approach

By neither prohibiting nor promoting cousin marriage, Denmark’s law takes a neutral position emphasizing individual liberty and choice.

The law does not impose moral or health judgments, allowing couples to make their own determinations accounting for social, cultural, and biological factors.


In summary, Danish law permits first cousin marriage, granting couples autonomy in their relationship decisions. But social tolerance fluctuates, so cousins should expect mixed reactions from others. Overall, there are no legal hurdles to marrying a cousin.