A man might offer many reasons for harming a ladyโ€”that he was inebriated, that he let go completely, or that she ‘merited it’. Yet, a man decides to utilize viciousness since it is a way he can get what he wants for sure he feels is legitimately his as a man.

At the point when a man doesn’t feel that he has control over his own life, he might utilize brutality to attempt to control someone else’s life. It is normal for somebody to need to control their own life in typical ways, yet it is off-base to attempt to control another person’s life, particularly with brutality. Here are a portion of the justifications for why a few men hurt ladies:

1. Violence works.

It offers the man a fast finish to a conflict without discussing the genuine issue or track down a genuine arrangement.

A man might observe the battle invigorating, and have bunches of energy thereafter. He might need to have these sentiments once more.

Assuming that a man utilizes savagery, he ‘wins’ and gets everything he might want. The casualty is probably going to give him his way again the following chance to try not to be harmed. This gives the man considerably more power.

2. The man has a wrong idea about what it means to be a man.

Assuming a man trusts that to take care of business, he should control what a lady does, he might feel it is OK to hurt her.

A few men believe that they reserve a ‘option’ to specific thingsโ€”to a ‘decent’ spouse, to children, to settling on every one of the choices in the familyโ€”since they are men.

3. The man feels that the woman belongs to him, or that he needs her.

Assuming the lady is ‘solid’, the man might feel apprehensive that he will lose her, or that she needn’t bother with him. He will find ways to make her more subject to him.

4. He does not know any other way to be.

In the event that a man has seen his dad or others in his life respond with brutality when life is troublesome and unpleasant, then, at that point, he might have never taken in some other manner to act.

Kinds of violence.

There are various ways that a man attempts to acquire control over a lady. Beating is just one of them. Be that as it may, every one of them can hurt a lady.

Envision that the circle underneath is a wheel. Power and control are at the focal point of the wheel since they are the explanations for the activities as a whole. Each segment of the wheel is a conduct that a savage man might use to control a lady. Savagery is the edge of the wheelโ€”what holds it together and invigorates it.

Emotional abuse:

The man affronts the lady, puts her down, or makes her think she is going off the deep end.

Controlling money:

The man attempts to hold the lady back from finding a new line of work or bringing in her own cash. He makes her ask him for any cash she really wants. Or on the other hand he might drive her to work and afterward take the cash she acquires.

Sexual abuse:

The man causes the lady to do sexual things without wanting to, or actually assaults the sexual pieces of her body. He deals with her like an article.

Blaming her:

The man says that the maltreatment didn’t actually occur, that it was not significant, or that it was the lady’s issue.