Discover the current romantic endeavors of Filipino actor Diego Loyzaga as we dive into his dating history and uncover the truth about his current relationship status. Join us as we explore Diego’s love life and provide you with the most up-to-date information!

Diego Loyzaga’s Past Relationships: Barbie Imperial and Sofia Andres

Diego Loyzaga has been involved in notable relationships in the past. In 2020, he was romantically linked to Barbie Imperial, capturing the attention of fans and the media. Before that, from 2016 to 2017, Diego was in a relationship with Sofia Andres, further solidifying his presence in the world of celebrity romance.

A Change of Tune: Diego Loyzaga and Franki Russell

In a surprising turn of events, Diego Loyzaga has admitted to dating Franki Russell, altering his previous stance on the matter. Initially, he denied the rumors surrounding their relationship when they had known each other for just ten days. However, in a recent interview with Monster RX93.1, Diego revealed that they are now indeed dating.

Diego expressed his previous reluctance to label their connection, stating, “Who am I to say that? I can’t give a label that we are something or we are. It would have been shameless for me to say we are. I haven’t even asked her. We’ve just been seeing each other [at the time].” However, since then, their relationship has evolved, and they are now officially together.

Diego Loyzaga’s Self-Reflection and Change of Heart

Diego Loyzaga acknowledged his previous remarks about focusing on himself following the rumors that emerged after receiving a birthday greeting from Franki in May. He admitted to being a “hypocrite” as he realized that unexpected connections could arise. Meeting and spending time with Franki profoundly impacted on him, leading to a genuine connection.

“I guess these things, you don’t expect it. It just really comes along. Ever since meeting up with her and hanging out with her, it hasn’t stopped. We did click,” Diego shared, highlighting the genuine bond they formed.

Diego Loyzaga’s Relationship History: A Shift in Focus

Before dating Franki Russell, Diego Loyzaga was in a one-year relationship with Barbie Imperial, which reportedly concluded late last year. While his previous relationships garnered attention, his current connection with Franki has taken the spotlight.

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