Marriage is all fun and games until you have to deal with conflicts among the family. Whether it is your significant other’s sister or your brother’s wife, the relationship with sister-in-law’s is quite difficult to crack. It sometimes leaves you wondering why my husband’s sister is jealous of me. You can’t figure out what you have done wrong. 

A jealous husband's sister

Most of the time the issue is related to jealousy. It is because you are the newest addition to the family and she may feel threatened by you. It is a fact that they have shared a bond since their childhood. And when the bond is disrupted by a stranger, it may take them some time to digest it. Though it can be a simple matter of jealousy. You can be sort it out if you give them some space but sometimes the matter can be serious too. Here, you can find multiple ways to deal with your husband’s sister. 


If your sister-in-law is the kind of person who wants to be the center of attention and can’t digest the fact that someone else is getting more importance than her then remember that the problem is with her and not you. Since it is her own problem then you just need to figure out how to make her realize that she is what she is and nobody can steal her position. 

deaf ear to husband's sister bullshit

So what to do if your husband’s sister is jealous? Just let her be and continue with your life. Do not let her interfere in your life and ruin your relationship. Maintain a cordial relationship and give her the impression that her behavior does not bother you. The killer attitude is to pass a smile whenever you get a chance and be kind and civil. Nobody can justify her rude behavior to your extreme kindness and you could be the bigger person in this picture.

Unbothered by the husband's sister behavior

As long as the habits are manageable, try to laugh them off or, if she is younger than you, teasingly discuss them with her. However, if the habits are making your life difficult, tell her plainly. You don’t have to put up with it indefinitely.

Try to have a heart-to-heart conversation with your in-laws and explain to them the strange behavior. It is not your responsibility to deal with her tantrums so make the parents understand about what you feel about her and if they are not involved in all this mess, they will surely understand your situation. 

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The controlling sister-in-law can be the most annoying because she expects you to follow her rules and regulations and may try to limit your independence. She may interfere with your decisions, offer advice, and expect you to follow her advice.

The best thing you can do is talk it over with your in-laws. Explain to them that you have a responsibility to your parents, just like you do to your in-laws. They must have faith in your ability to manage your time effectively and to ensure that your responsibilities are not compromised. Let us hope that with time, they will understand.

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