In today’s world, where every person tries to be someone else by getting flattered by their way of living or how they look or they envy their lifestyle and many more. This kind of behavior started with the start of social media platforms. The younger generation are spending most of their time on social media platforms and yet they follow hundreds of people that belong to different cultures, they vary in their lifestyle, some have lavish living that looks like a dream. These things would obviously create a phenomenon of copying and it is not a bad thing until it discomforts the other person. But if you wonder why my friend copies and the behavior is bothering you, it’s time to take action.

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Usually we notice this behavior from our friends and we wonder why my friend is copying me.It can sometimes make you uncomfortable but the best thing you can do is to talk to them and ask them to be their own self rather than getting anxious and losing your temper.  

But if you think of why my friend is copying me regardless of the intentions, there could be many reasons. In this article we will discuss some of the common factors why your friend is copying you and what is so appealing in that. 


Positive copying is common, and it can be quite flattering. In these cases, you will not feel harmed or threatened by the copying, though it may become awkward from time to time. A positive copycat may have the following attributes

  • They will ask you where you got an outfit they like and then purchase it  but only for that one outfit.
  • Look up your work ethic and try to emulate it. 
  • Mirror your body language in an attempt to be friendly or get to know you.
  • Attempt to gain your favor by doing similar things to you.
  • Declare openly that they are imitating a minor aspect of your personality.
  • Purchase a product that you have previously recommended or spoken highly of.


Minority cultures frequently attempt to imitate certain characteristics of majority cultures in order to gain acceptance in society. They may also simply follow the old old phrase: When in Rome do as the Romans do, out of politeness.

This is not to say they aren’t proud of their heritage. They’ve generally understood the advantage that comes with being in the majority in certain situations. It’s not a personal attack on you, nor is it a direct act of copying. It’s a way for them to escape the lower status that the world may have assigned to them, or simply to be nice.


It is said that extroverts are more likely than introverts to engage in positive copying.  This is because they are more sociable and understand that imitating or mirroring you can make you feel more at ease around them.

If the person imitating you is very extroverted, chances are they’re just trying to be your friend. Don’t be so hard on them; they’re just trying to make you feel better.


According to studies, those with lower education levels tend to mimic those with higher education levels. This is thought to happen because they are attempting to learn from those who have more knowledge and experience than them.

Copying someone with more knowledge can also help them grow and thrive in their career. They might learn some useful skills they had no idea were so important in your line of work.


When interacting with others, mirroring body language is very common. This means that when they talk to you, they may yawn shortly after you, scratch their head, or imitate your posture.

Mirroring can occur for a variety of reasons. This person may be attracted to you or look up to you, causing them to observe you too closely and be influenced by what you do subconsciously. They may also be paying close attention to you, which you have compelled them to do without thinking.


If someone envies your life or success, they may believe that they must do everything in their power to achieve even an aspect of what you have. They may believe that the key to your success is in how you carry yourself, how you dress, how you speak, or the hobbies you enjoy, and so they emulate those aspects.

Of course, this will not work, they will not be able to replicate your life’s achievements by doing exactly what you do. Your situation is distinct from theirs, and doing so is more likely to harm them than to help them. But they don’t acknowledge it, so they keep hoping.


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It’s human nature to believe that others see us the same way we do and that they want to be like us. This could be incorrect. Check with your other friends to see if they’ve noticed any instances of copying. Drop it if they haven’t noticed anything. They’ll bring it up if it becomes a more serious situation.


Talk about it with them. They might not even realize they’re imitating you. Sit down with them and make sure they’re aware of it, as well as discuss potential causes. Make it a discussion rather than an attack.

Ask them, Did you notice how often we’ve been matching lately? Give them examples if they say no. Or question them, Do you find it amusing that we always seem to end up doing the same thing?

In friendship, the key is to communicate. You do not want to lose your friend over something too small like copying because copying might not even be his/her intention. 


Go through their closet with them if they’ve been copying your outfits. Allow them to put together outfits without your assistance and compliment them on their choices. If they’ve been mimicking your behaviour, let them make the first move and agree to whatever they want. Give them confidence in their decisions, and they’ll be less likely to imitate you.


Continue to emphasize what you appreciate about their style or ideas. Keep in mind that people who mimic the chronically typical are extremely insecure. They are dissatisfied with themselves. Involve your mutual friends to help them gain confidence. Support them in any decision they make, no matter how outlandish it appears. This will assist them in developing self-confidence and independence.

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