Are you tense about your boyfriend not giving you as much time as he used to do ? Is it bothering you when he is not as attentive as he is in the start of the relationship ? Are you wondering why my boyfriend is ignoring me ? So, check out the signs below to find the reason for his behavior.


In the start of a relationship every other person tries to make their significant other feel extra special. They talk to each other every day, discuss their daily life and give every detail of their life down to a second and because of this behavior in the initial phase of a relationship a person expects this special treatment for the rest of their life. By consequence, when the boyfriend feels slight difference in the behavior of their partner, they feel insecure and take offense to little problems. This could affect a relationship badly.

If you are wondering about why my boyfriend is ignoring me, it could be because of that same tiny change in his tone but if his behavior is persistent then you need to be cautious. Following are the few key points that could be a reason why he is ignoring you .Β 

Man talking on the phone

Before jumping on any harsh conclusion, try to think through his perspective. Usually boys have the responsibility to be the bread and butter of the family and by this theory he has to work extra hard. This can also mean that he wants to earn more to provide you with a beautiful life ahead. This is not an excuse to cut every ties with your partner but it could mean that he is not able to manage personal and professional life together. You need to understand him and talk like adults to sort out the issue.Β 

I need space

Sometimes people get overwhelmed by too much involvement in their life. After a certain period of time, people need to get their ‘Me Time’. Maybe he is in that space of mind that he is not liking your interference in his life. Nonetheless, partners should communicate with each other at any cost. But if that is the case, try to give your partner some space. Let him breathe and he will come back to you. Do not bombard him with messages and calls.Β 

Depiction of introvert person

An introvert person can never share his feelings as he should and this is a huge drawback in their relationship. If your boyfriend is an introvert and he has left you alone making you question why my boyfriend is ignoring me, then there is absolutely nothing to worry about. An introvert person often wants to communicate with you but fear that you might think it as a bossy behavior. All you can do is to communicate. Call him or meet him in person. Try to make him understand your perspective and listen to him and you can easily come to a common point.Β 

Exhausted man

If your boyfriend’s behavior is not like anything that is mentioned above then you need to focus on the red flags. If he has chickened out of the situation and completely ignored you without any reason, it could be a reason that he is over you. This is extremely rude behavior but thank God that you are safe from such a person. At this point, just tell him that you don’t like this kind of attitude and this is not what you expect from a relationship. Analyze his answer and then take your decision. It is better to move out of a toxic relationship.

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