Relationship is a promise of being together, the protector and the lover. It claims to be the knight in the shining armor. But it is not always the bed of roses. Problem arises when a person starts to neglect their significant other and shift their priorities. Sometimes you may feel the need to ask yourself why boyfriend mother is jealous of me. It is a very common question in a relationship. There can be multiple reasons for that and you need not to worry. It can be solved with a few changes in your attitude or lifestyle.


You can select the person you want to be in a relationship with but you can not choose his family. You have to deal with them despite their unbearable attitude. Sometimes the problems are with the mother of your boyfriend and rightly so, because they are protective towards their son. You can change her perception by making her feel safe and secure. It can make her fall in love with you.


Fear is a common source of conflict between women and their boyfriend’s mother. According to a 20-year study on relationships between women and their female in-laws, relationships with female in-laws are frequently much more tense than relationships between men and their girlfriend’s mother. Conflicts with their mother-in-law were perceived by 60% of women to cause long-term emotional stress. If your boyfriend’s mother believes that your presence is endangering her relationship with her son, her behavior may reflect her desire for power. Keep in mind that your boyfriend’s mother adores him just as much as you do.


By concentrating on your relationship with your boyfriend rather than his mother, you will strengthen your bond. Be better prepared to deal with whatever life throws at you, whether it’s his overbearing mother or another difficult relative. Pay attention to your boyfriend and try to assist him in dealing with his emotions. If your boyfriend’s mother feels wanted, respected, and valued, she is more likely to be a positive influence rather than a negative one.


It is your boyfriend’s responsibility, not yours, to confront his mother about her domineering behavior. Request that your boyfriend speak with his mother so that you can set realistic boundaries with her. Consider why his mother acts the way she does. Her desire for control may be motivated by low self-esteem or a fear of being hurt. Discuss how you and your boyfriend can assist his mother in dealing with her emotions and insecurities.


Sometimes the mother of your boyfriend refuses all attempts to establish a friendly relationship and left you wondering why boyfriend mother is jealous of me. In such cases, the best course of action may be to take no action at all, other than to continue to treat the mother with respect and kindness. It is also critical to avoid dwelling on the issue or allowing it to cause conflict in the relationship.

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