Jennifer Williams is a well-known reality television personality, best known for her appearance on the show “Basketball Wives”. While fans love to keep up with her life on and off the show, many have been curious about her current relationship status. So, who is Jennifer Williams dating?

The Marriage to Eric Williams

Jennifer Williams met Eric Williams in 2000 and they tied the knot in 2007. The couple was featured on the first season of “Basketball Wives” and fans got to see glimpses of their marriage.

The Divorce from Eric Williams

However, the couple’s relationship started to fall apart and they filed for divorce in 2010. The divorce was a contentious one and played out on “Basketball Wives”.

Jennifer Williams’s Current Relationship

Since her divorce, Jennifer Williams has been relatively private about her personal life. However, in 2021, she revealed that she is engaged to her boyfriend Jelani Harrison.

Who is Jelani Harrison?

Not much is known about Jelani Harrison, as Jennifer has kept her relationship relatively private. However, she has shared a few pictures of the couple on social media, and fans have noted that Jelani is a successful businessman.

Jennifer Williams’s Career

While Jennifer’s personal life has been a topic of interest to fans, she has also been focused on growing her career. In addition to her appearance on “Basketball Wives”, she has launched her own luxury candle brand called Classy Girl Candles.


So, who is Jennifer Williams dating? She is currently engaged to Jelani Harrison, a successful businessman. While Jennifer has had some high-profile relationships in the past, she has chosen to keep her current relationship relatively private. Fans can continue to follow her career and personal life on social media and on “Basketball Wives”.

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