Quotes about women that walk away.
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1. “A strong woman is one who understands when to leave a situation” – Not known

2. “A strong woman walks away from a situation when it is no longer healthy for her; she prioritizes herself even if it means disappointing others.” – Not known

3. “A strong woman knows that sometimes you have to walk away from the people who have wounded you the most in order to fall in love with yourself again and be content with who you are.” – Not known

4. “When everything seems to be going wrong, I think it’s important to remain strong. The prettiest girls, in my opinion, are those that are joyful. I firmly believe in miracles and that tomorrow will bring new opportunities. Hepburn, Audrey

5. “Every woman who eventually realized her value has packed up her pride-filled baggage and boarded a trip to liberation, which landed in the valley of amazing change.” Shannon L Alder

6. “I am a strong woman, and when I realize my time is up, I will walk away.” – Not known

7. “I walk away from something when it’s time for me to do so. I’ve had enough, my mind, body, and conscience tell me. West, Jerry

8. “Don’t waste time with individuals who make you feel less than great because those are the people who will cause you to forget how amazing a lady you truly are.” – Not known

9. “A powerful lady will instantly give up if she feels unwelcome. She won’t try to mend it or beg for help; she’ll just leave. – Not known

10. “A strong woman believes in herself and won’t accept anything less.” – Not known

Quotes about strong women who walk away
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11. “A strong woman walks away from anyone’s foolishness because she understands she doesn’t have to put up with it.” – Not known

12. “Learning to let go is difficult, but continuing to suffer is more difficult.” Mariel Avila

13. “A strong woman walks away because she deserves so much more. She believes in herself and will never allow anyone to treat her any less than the incredible woman she is.” – Not known

14. “Truly powerful women don’t state their reasons for desiring respect. Simply put, they don’t interact with people who don’t reciprocate. – Not known

15. “I realized that wasn’t my reality, therefore I was able to walk away from something that didn’t seem right.” Williams, Serena

16. “F**k this sh*t,” a wise woman once exclaimed, and she went on to enjoy a happy life.” – Not known

17. “Learn to leave the arms you don’t belong in before you suffocate there.” Sai Pradeep.

18. “A strong woman understands when to go and forge a new path for herself.” – Not known

19. “Wisdom is knowing when to leave. It takes bravery to be able to. Dignity is leaving with your head held high. – Not known

20. “No matter what life throws at her, a strong woman loves, forgives, walks away, lets go, tries again, and perseveres.” – Not known

21. “Before I could even try to have a discussion with somebody or be part of something, I had to walk away and look at myself in the mirror, find my own peace of mind.” Gaga, Lady

21. “Before I could even try to have a discussion with somebody or be part of something, I had to walk away and look at myself in the mirror, find my own peace of mind.” Gaga, Lady

22. “Nothing you can do will change that when a powerful lady walks away. She is too intelligent to be duped. Her time is valuable, and she will most definitely not fall for your falsehoods once more. She’ll realize that separating from you was the best choice she ever made. – Not known

23. “Letting go of what is causing your heart and soul pain is one of the most courageous decisions you’ll ever make.” Brigit Nicole

25. “I am skilled at vanishing. You learn how to reject through being rejected. (Jeanette Winterson)

26.Because she is worth more than what another person is ready to give her, a powerful woman walks away, according to Proverb 26. – Not known

27.Never use your pride as a man’s mat, advices number 27. If he must move, he ought to move away from you rather than over you. Strong women would sooner leave a poisonous man than be a scapegoat for the ignorant. – Not known

28.The saying “A strong woman goes away” refers to the fact that sometimes it is pointless to fight for what one believes in. – Not known

29. “A woman of strength knows it is through the journey that she will grow strong. A strong woman knows she has strength enough for the voyage.” – Not known

30. “A strong woman goes away because she is tired of letting someone else decide how happy she is; she is self-sufficient and does not require a guy for anything.” – Not known

31. “It takes a strong woman to walk away from a man and convey him the message that he will need to boost his game if he wants her back.” – Not known

32.Because she is aware that possessing a man is not the same as being loved, a strong woman walks away in verse 32. – Not known

33. “Women are resilient and self-reliant. Guys believe that when they leave, we will crumble, but it only makes us stronger, and they hate to see us move on. – Not known

34. “A strong woman goes away because she believes that her happiness is more valuable than any struggle; she struggles first and foremost for herself.” – Not known

35. “Walking away sometimes isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength. We leave not because we want other people to see our worth and value, but rather because we do. (Robert Tew)

36.”A strong woman walks away because she understands that life is too short to play games with others; it’s better, in the long run, to just walk away,” says proverbial proverbial woman number . – Not known