A Cancer man, sensitive and undeniably loyal, can sweep you off your feet in an instant. If he likes you, he’ll probably start testing you to see if you’re the one. Cancer can be quite mysterious and difficult to read at times, so we’ve compiled a list of warning signs to assist you. Continue reading to learn how and why a Cancer man can put you to the test in a relationship.

Ways a cancer man puts you to test
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1. He observes how you treat others.

A sensitive Cancer wants to know how compassionate you are. Cancers are water signs, which means they are extremely sensitive and emotional. As a result, he’ll want to know if you’re capable of providing him with the empathy he requires. He’ll notice how you react when someone is upset and how you support your friends. In a relationship, he requires reassurance and tenderness, and the best way to determine this is to observe how you act when you believe no one is watching. 

  •  Be your true self around him to show him who you are on the inside and out.
Ways a cancer man puts you to test
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2. He inquires about your family.

In a partner, a Cancer man seeks loyalty and devotion. He can learn more about you and your values by asking about your upbringing and family dynamics. His zodiac sign is ruled by the 4th House, also known as the House of Home and Family. He is very connected to his own family through this, and he wants to know if you share the same devotions and loyalties.

  • Inform him if discussing your family is upsetting. He’s looking for honesty and vulnerability, and he doesn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.

3. He tells everyone he knows about you.

A devoted Cancer wants to know whether his friends and family approve of you. It’s no surprise that he values his relationships, as the 4th House rules his zodiac sign. His friends and family’s opinions are most important to him, so if he’s serious about you, he’ll tell them everything. He’ll almost certainly want you to meet them, and how you get along with his homies could be the deciding factor.

  • When he mentions his loved ones, ask him questions. Taking an interest in his life can assist you in passing his test.
  • It can be nerve-racking to meet the man you care about’s friends and family for the first time, but you’ve got this! Take a deep breath in and out.

4. He inquires about your interests and goals.

Cancers who are imaginative are looking for someone who shares their creative spirit. He’s testing your openness with him by asking about your deepest hopes and dreams. He’s curious about what drives you, so tell him about your life goals and ambitions, no matter how strange or obscure they are.

  • In turn, inquire about his desires and ambitions. Taking an interest in his personal life shows him that you care about him as much as he cares about you.

5. He lavishes you with gifts.

One of his ultimate tests is how you react to affection. A Cancer man will go to any length to demonstrate his love for you. He’ll delight you with gifts, whether it’s a sparkling piece of jewelry that draws attention to your eyes or the dish detergent you keep forgetting to buy. He notices the smallest details, and acknowledging his efforts can go a long way. [2]

  • Thank him for the gift if you truly appreciate it.
  • Make the most of his abilities! This will demonstrate to him that he is doing something correct
  • Consider surprising him with a gift in return. Cancer men are very sentimental, so give him a heartfelt gift, such as something handmade or that reminds you of them.

6. He expresses himself emotionally.

Reserved Cancers are interested in how you will react when he is vulnerable. Despite his sensitivity, he will not share his deepest thoughts with just anyone. His ruling planet is the Moon, so he is extremely guarded about how he expresses himself. Opening up emotionally is a huge step for him, and how you react can reveal whether or not he wants to continue the relationship.

  • When he does come to you, be encouraging. He craves approval and a sympathetic ear. 
  • Being vulnerable is difficult for him, so be genuine and supportive.
  • In turn, express your feelings to him. This is an excellent way to demonstrate your confidence in him.

7. Around you, he leaves his phone unlocked.

A devoted Cancer will put your faith to the test. If he leaves his phone unlocked next to you while he’s in another room, it’s no coincidence. This little test will determine whether you believe him to be as loyal as he claims. Rather than scrolling through his messages and emails, leave the phone alone or inform him that he has left his phone at home.

  • In his presence, follow suit and leave your phone unlocked. This demonstrates that you have faith in him as well.
  • You won’t need to scroll without permission if you both completely trust each other.

8. He leaves his phone unlocked around you.

A dedicated Cancer will test your faith. It’s no coincidence if he leaves his phone unlocked next to you while he’s in another room. This quick test will determine whether you believe him to be as devoted as he claims. Leave the phone alone or inform him that he has left his phone at home rather than scrolling through his messages and emails.

  • Follow suit and leave your phone unlocked in his presence. This shows that you believe in him as well.
  • If you both completely trust each other, you won’t need to scroll without permission.