Leos are actually incredibly loyal. He will, however, pay attention to other women in order to discover your true feelings for him.

It’s difficult to understand why he cares about making you jealous of other girls, but it’s all done strategically. It demonstrates to him that your feelings are genuine and that you are not playing games with him.

Your Leo man testing you will occasionally spend more time with his friends than with you. He considers himself the alpha male and occasionally craves the company of his male friends, not realizing he’s paying less attention to you than usual. 


People born under the sign of Leo are devoted to their loved ones.

He’ll put you in situations to test whether his girl’s loyalty will be there for him even when things get tough. He’ll show you the meaning of true love with sweet words once he knows you’re here to stay, and there won’t be any other girls.


This fire sign has a long list of friends, but that doesn’t mean they trust everyone on it.

Your Leo woman or man may share day-to-day tasks or obligations with them, but he is very private about his secrets. If he is willing to share them with you, consider yourself chosen over the other women. So, if you want to keep him, keep his secrets hidden.


When you talk about or do something you enjoy, the Leo man testing wants to see the light in your eyes.

He will observe your actions. They will see you as a major red flag if you appear overly cold and bored by exciting activities.

So, if you want to win your Leo’s heart, simply find something you enjoy and be passionate about it.

Consider Him Highly

He may abandon his constant self-praise in favor of self-deprecating jokes.

This sign does not naturally have low self-esteem, but the Leo man test is to see if you are a supportive girlfriend. He will be upset if it is discovered that you have a negative opinion of him.

Leo men do not want to be with someone who does not value them. As a result, he will not tolerate constant criticism.

Have a good time

A key Leo characteristic is their eagerness to have fun. They don’t take life too seriously and instead seize every opportunity that comes their way. They want someone who shares their sentiments. So, how does a Leo man put a woman to the test by having fun? He might take you on an unanticipated adventure just to get you out of your comfort zone.


The Leo male is all about ambition, and he expects his partner to work hard enough to realize her dreams and goals.

He seeks someone who wants to live her life to the fullest. Someone who embraces change and appreciates all that life has to offer. So he’ll put you to the test on that.

He expects you to push him just as hard as he pushes you to go out there and try something new.


Your Leo man will also put you to the test by introducing you to his family and friends to see how well you get along with them. Leos value his family, especially his parents.

So, in order to determine whether you’re worthy of him and his love, he’ll put you to the test by inviting you to meet his family. You may be surprised at how quickly things are moving, but that’s just how Leos operate.


Leos don’t mind giving you everything they have if it makes you happy. They also want to show off their possessions to others.So, because your Leo man is a fire element and the planet represented by the Sun, he wishes to shine light on you and others. If you have trouble accepting or rejecting gifts, you’re probably not the girl for him.


Your guy may pick fights with you to see if you can be honest with him. If you can handle confrontations, Leos will respect you more.

He doesn’t want you to back down once things get heated. He’s looking for a woman with a strong personality who won’t be intimidated by his fiery personality.


A Leo man enjoys being praised, so he’ll pay attention to how you react to his stories.

If you support his decisions rather than criticize them, he will be eternally grateful to the Universe for placing you in his path.


Leos are always confident in themselves and their abilities, which is why they never worry about being outperformed.

They understand that people have different skills and that the success of others does not diminish their own.

That’s why he’ll brag about his achievements or mention someone else’s just to see if you’re insecure and can’t be happy for others’ success.


He wants to live his own life and will be offended by a partner’s possessiveness. This sign is the type who prefers to make his own choices.

Your advice is always welcome, but if you take it too far and show a controlling nature, he will not tolerate it.


Confidence Because Leo men are extremely self-confident, they seek a love interest who feels the same way about herself.

It’s important to him that you stand up for what you believe in, rather than being a people pleaser and agreeing to something just to make others happy. So, if you see your Leo man test you by saying something so heinous, this is his way of seeing if you can stand up for your beliefs. He’ll thank you for it.