Breakups are difficult, to say the least. Separating from a partner with whom you’ve shared a passionate and devoted relationship has been related to a sense of loss or death in the past.

As a result, it’s conceivable that your ex misses you and wants to restart the romance (and vice versa). You could be asking, “Does my ex miss me?” While there’s no way to know for sure whether or not an ex misses you, we talked to relationship and dating specialists and arranged the following signs for you to know if your ex misses you.

If they aren’t entirely over the relationship, look for these signs. Read on to discover if any of these indicators apply to you and your ex as we break down our list.

He comes to the places where you are

It is common practice to run into your ex on purpose. They recall their ex’s routine and go to areas they frequent in the hopes of bumping into them. This might be as easy as postponing your trip to the grocery store when you are more likely to run into them, or attending a festival you know they enjoy. Having multiple casual meetings is unquestionably a symptom.

You’ll see he’s following you on social media and like or commenting on your posts

This might be an indication if they’re still following you on social media, like and commenting on your posts. If you’re serious about putting your past behind you, we propose 30 days of no contact, including social media, if your ex isn’t taking the required measures to move on and let go. If your ex is still interested in what you’re up to on social media, they’re still interested and haven’t moved on.

He drunk dials or texts you

You could want to ignore their calls and texts late in the night if they tend to phone or text after a few drinks so that they are unusual to resort to you when they feel vulnerable.

He still hasn’t moved on

His one’s somewhat more tricky. Your ex can’t make someone new because they miss you, because they need time to heal from their breakdown, or because they want to live one life. It depends on how long you’ve split and the seriousness of your connection in the first place.

If it is only a short period, they might only be accountable for waiting for a new relationship until they are really ready. If you were split up for a time, however, and you know that you have denied possibilities for dating, this might be because you are missed. You’re not yet ready to put someone in your place.

He remembers your memories or experiences

It’s conceivable they’re just glad to talk about pleasant memories, but if you get the impression they’re attempting to rekindle a flame, be upfront with them about your goals.

He finds any excuse to see you in person

Some people want to totally cut connections and follow the no contact rule to guarantee they’re moving on in the right direction. Those who wish to breach the no-contact rule and find excuses to not only chat with you but also see you may not want to move on.

This might involve wanting to pick up any goods left at your house, dropping off any items you left at their house, or simply going out for drinks or supper.

He does nice things for you

Though your ex still remembers your birthday with a card, your anniversary, even if it is no longer an anniversary, and other significant occasions in your life, it is an indication that they miss you and want you back… When they’re dating someone, most males can’t recall important dates. You are still special to them if they are thinking about what is significant to you.

Your mutual friends say he asks about you

If your friends and relatives stay in touch with your ex and are always asking how you are, it is an indication that they still care. Why would they care how you are or what you have been up to if they didn’t miss or want you back?

Don’t try to justify it by saying you were simply very close friends and they are still concerned about you. Exes don’t contact you to see how you’re doing; they could inquire if you run into one other again. However, targeting friends and family is a strategy they use to express how much they miss you.

He’s jealous when you’re with other people

Apathy is a real indicator that an ex has moved on; they may be glad for you to have met someone new, but it has no influence on them in any way. An ex who becomes envious when he sees you with someone fresh is obviously still interested in you.