Online dating is the new common thing in this century. Because of the hype that revolves around this concept many platforms have launched their online dating applications. Metaverse, a new reality step forward with the idea of dating in Metaverse. But is this possible or it will only remain an idea. 

Consider this, you’re getting ready to meet someone on a first date. And you’re psyching yourself up by drinking coffee later in the day than usual. But you’re not thinking about your wardrobe tonight. In fact, you might continue to wear the hoodie and sweatpants you’ve been wearing.

Why? Because you’re not going to meet this attractive stranger in a swanky bar, where your attire would almost certainly jeopardize your romantic chances. At the very least, you won’t run into them in a physical bar. Instead, you’ll be going to a virtual bar, where you’ll hopefully see some very real sparks fly.


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You’ve probably heard of the term “metaverse,” which is most commonly use by a slew of tech firms. The company formerly known as Facebook is so dedicated to the concept that it has renamed itself “Meta” to represent its deep dive into this new online world.

Metaverse refers to virtual and augmented reality which is joined under the broad definition “extended reality”. Even before changing its name, Facebook staked a claim in that world by acquiring Oculus, a maker of virtual reality headsets. Meta now has a division called Reality Labs, which offers devices such as VR headsets, smart glasses. It claims to eventually offer augmented reality glasses.


It’s a free mobile dating app that connects you with local singles. Tinder essentially started the location-based dating app craze in 2012. And it is still the most popular dating app in the United States. Tinder is definitely worth using if you’re single for that reason alone.

Tinder’s revolutionary “swipe right if you like it, swipe left if you don’t” format is choose by a slew of competitors, and Tinder-like apps abound. Some examples include Bumble, Hinge, and CoffeeMeetsBagel. Tinder is now a part of Match Group, which also owns dating sites such as Plenty of Fish and


Tinder CEO Renate Nyborg said in an interview at the Reuters Next conference that the company is looking into ways to blur the lines between the offline and online worlds.

The CEO of Match Group Inc dating app cited the company’s recently launched Explore feature. Interactive events such as “Swipe Nights” allow users to design their own adventures and match with others based on their preferences.

According to her, the company is testing in-app currency that daters will use to pay for premium services and receive as a reward for good behavior on the app.

"From a Tinder standpoint, we've been talking about a Tinderverse internally, which is more about blurring the boundaries between offline and online"


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Virtual love is no longer limited to dating apps, interested parties can now marry in the metaverse. According to the New York Times, several weddings have been hosted by digital platforms that specialize in virtual events. This year’s Labor Day Weekend wedding was held on the virtual work and event platform Virbela. An avatar escorted the bride down the aisle, another toasted the happy couple, and twin 7-year-old avatars served as ring bearer and flower girl. Other friends and family members joined the ceremony as virtual avatars, all immersed in the live reception.


People will still be able to misrepresent themselves when dating in the metaverse. Avatars will be customizable, which means they won’t have to look like the people who created them. They will not, they will create avatars that resemble themselves. The game has partnered with Wolf3D, the creators of an app that creates mind-blowing 3-D avatars for users.

While some people will undoubtedly go overboard and dress up as a dragon or a hot dog for their virtual dates (again, in the metaverse all things are possible). They believe that the vast majority of people will choose the far simpler (and probably far more effective) option of creating slightly better-looking versions of themselves.

Other people envisioning the future of romance in the metaverse aren’t envisioning dating apps on steroids, but rather using technology to create a more immersive social experience.


This sounds like science fiction, and it is: author Neal Stephenson coined the term “metaverse” as both a term and a concept in his 1992 novel Snow Crash, but this brave new world of dating could be just around the corner.

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