Gut Feeling Ex Will Come Back

Gut Feeling Ex Will Come Back

Many people feel that their ex comes back and things are going to be “normal.” They have a good intuition. Their bittersweet, persuasive, hope-instilling gut feeling urges them to trust their gut instincts and anticipate their dumper to show up. If you have a strong suspicion that an ex may return, you should know that … Read more

The Male Mind During No Contact

male mind during no contact

The thinking of the males is somewhat different during no contact from that of the girls. Guys are more intellectual than emotional and think logically rather than intuitively. The masculine intellect is frequently driven by reasoning rather than depending on emotions and sentiments for leadership. The boys’ minds, like everyone else’s, are filled with emotions … Read more

My Boyfriend’s Snapchat Score Keeps Going Up

Boyfriend's Snapchat

We’re all aware that Snapchat assigns a snap score to each user’s account depending on the amount of activity they engage in on the platform. Although it might be entertaining to see one’s high Snapchat score, when you’re in a relationship, things can get tricky. If you’re wondering why your boyfriend’s Snapchat score keeps rising … Read more